Atlas Beetle

Atlas Beetle (Chalcosoma Atlas )

This is a huge beetle that can grow well over 13 cm although one third of this length is taken up by the longhorns that are used for fighting other males during mating. This beetle comes from Asia and Malaysia and like the stag beetles the female is quite insignificant in appearance to the male, has no horns and is also much smaller.

The male Atlas beetle is a valuable insect to the collector either alive or dead, and a perfect large specimen can be quite expensive and look very impressive in a frame although I do prefer to see this amazing insect alive, at the moment I am in the process of breeding a captive bred pair myself and will keep you informed of the situation.

For its size the Atlas beetle is one of the strongest animals on Earth, and can carry almost 4 kg, in comparison that's the equivalent as a human carrying two adult Elephants with a Zebra thrown in for good measure.If they could grow to the size of a Donkey and still regain there strength for there size they wouldn't even notice you if you sat on there back.


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