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Throughout the year I breed many types of creatures, usually invertebrates but due to specific breeding cycles of certain species and the demand of some of the more exotic and sort after creatures I limit the variety of creatures. I breed and concentrate on quality and well observed stock. This takes up more time in the simulation of rainforest weather changes to bring certain species of exotic frogs into breeding. The end of March and early April is the time I bring my colony of Red-eyed treefrogs ( Agalychnis Callidryas) into breeding. Last year the colony produced four clutches with over two hundred eggs. The Red-eyes I have are the Nicaraguan and Costa Rica variety that are larger and more brightly coloured than the more Northern range and the colony I have live in a large well planted tall 90 gallon naturalistic terrarium with waterfall and jungle vines which I believe improves there healthy colourful look and larger size, the females are 3.5inches nose to vent.

Baby Red-Eyed tree frogs ( Agalychnis Callidryas ) for sale. Second Generation Nicaraquan form which grow larger and are more colourful than the forms from other ranges, The tadpoles where raised on special food supplements to produce hardy young colourful froglets.

Red-Eyed treefrogs 20.00 each. Must collect if you want them as they can not be packaged,

If interested email me at gedc@zedtwo.net for info and directions to Saddleworth, West Yorkshire, UK.

I will also keep this page updated with other exotics as I breed them. Soon the cocoons of the Giant Atlas Moths ( Attacus Atlas ) from S.E.Asia should be out and ready to breed, the females ofthis species can have a wing span over one foot, the caterpillars grow large and feed on privet...........

Until later, Ged Casserley


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