Hercules Centipede

The Hercules Centipede (Scolopendra Gigantea ).

This is the creature you have to give respect to, venomous, fast, intelligent, it can chew through almost anything and fears nothing, you really don't want it to escape. Never have I placed such high priority on an enclosure for anything that I have ever kept. The Hercules centipede is the largest species of centipede in the world.In the jungles of the Amazon where this magnificent Centipede lives, invertebrates and vertebrates must be aware as dusk falls. There are many stories and tales of giant scolopendrids reaching fifteen inches in length and feeding on snakes and rats in central America, the specimen I keep is about eleven inches in length at the moment and can consume an adult mouse in about two hours completely, not even bones or fur are left.


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