Megarachne Servinei

The Dinosaurs Of The Spider World:

In Search Of Megarachne Servinei.

The Theraphosidae is a primitive group of spiders which contains some of the largest species to walk the Earth. The Goliath Bird Eating Spider ( Theraphosa Leblondi ) is the largest species of spider in the World with leg-spans reaching over 12 inches and weighing over 5.5 oz.

0ver 300 million years ago the largest spider was Megarachne Servinei, a Carboniferous giant with a leg span over 20 inches, a fossil of the species was found in Argentina and proves not only of it's existence but of the remarkable size this arachnid could grow. Recent crypto zoological sightings in both South America and the African Congo region have reported giant spider sightings, spiders with over two foot leg spans. Maybe these reports are over exaggerated or extreme specimens of the theraphosids of today which can attain giant sizes in there native habitat, but 300 million years ago these two continents would have been joined as one, so if any isolated groups still exist of Megarachne what a discovery this would be. Maybe an expedition in the near future needs to be sent in search of these spiders. "Count me in".

Remember the Coelacanth, Ged Casserley.

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