The Robber Crab

The Robber Crab ( Birgus Latro )

Did you know that the Robber Crab is the largest land invertebrate? It's the biggest land bug of them all.

It gets it's name because the crab practically robs anything it can find, from coconuts to camping gear. It can have a span of over one metre across but this creature has been practically wiped out by man. No change there, man seems to have a habit of wrecking environments.

Many of these amazing giant crabs are killed for food on the Pacific islands where they inhabit or are killed and stuffed with foam and sold as ornaments to tourists, the young crabs are also preyed upon by cats, rats, monkeys and lizards and some of the more remote islands where they seemed to be increasing slightly in numbers have been used as test sites for nuclear bombs, it's needless to say another extinctionis well and truly on the way


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